Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beginning a Blog

Today, I have finally decided to begin a blog. For a long time I viewed blogs as somewhat self-indulgent and wondered why any one would want to read about me or my family's weekly events. However, after keeping up with several friends of mine through their blogs and finding encouragement from their experiences, I have taken a new perspective. In addition, I have come to see it as a wonderful way to journal about life. I have never been good at keeping scrapbooks of our family life. All the cutting and pasting became too tedious, and I was never able to keep up. Blogging, however, seems to be a wonderful way to record daily life as time permits and upload pictures without all the material mess. In addition, it is a great way for family and friends to stay connected with you. Lastly, it is a wonderful means of encouraging others you may never meet.


  1. YAY!!!!! I am so excited that you joined the blogging world! Your family is just beautiful and I am so excited to follow your blog!!! Maybe you can give some tips as to how you manage it all! I could use some advice!!!!

  2. Yippee Ginger! I can't wait to follow your blog! I know you will have lots of wonderful advice & encouragement to share, and hopefully lots of pics of your beautiful family, too! You are blessed, indeed! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!!