Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I'm Too Exhausted"

Yesterday, I took Elizabeth with me to work. Since the older three have begun their summer break, I have been taking each of them to work with me one day a week. This has given me a wonderful opportunity to share some one-on-one time with them, as well as given them one day a week to focus on independent learning and academics. The dental office I share with my father has a second half that has been converted from a physician's practice to an apartment. The apartment consists of three "bedrooms", a kitchen, a family room, and three bathrooms. The apartment makes a great place for my older kids to come after school during the school year to do their homework (I actually did this as a child, myself) and a wonderful place to hang out while mommy sees patients. On Tuesday, Elizabeth brought to the dental office the last of her four library books to read, as well as a notebook for journaling a summary of her readings. On the way to the office, she and I listened to the Christian radio station WHVN. We heard a story about a seven-year-old girl who reads to her blind mother. Well, Elizabeth is turning 7 on Friday, and I could see in my rear view mirror that she was paying particular attention to this story and identifying in some way with the plight of this little girl. "Mommy, I read to Carolina at night in our bed," she said. "Oh, really," I replied, unaware that this was going on after Sam and I tucked them in at night. "Yes, in fact, I read her a story just last night. It was from my children's Bible about Jesus dying on the cross." "Wow, Elizabeth," I remarked, "that's wonderful that you're reading stories about Jesus to Carolina. I'm sure she must really appreciate that." "Oh, yes, she does. She begged me to read her more stories last night, but I told her I just couldn't. I told her,'I'm too exhausted.'" I glanced back at her again in the rear view mirror. Her rested little face was as sincere as it could be:-))


  1. That is precious Ginger! Jack is always telling me how "exhausted" he is, too. He even will ask, "Why do you make me do all the work?" LOL!
    But what a kind heart that E has & how wonderful of her to read the Bible to her little sister!